Everyday Essentials

Little bag season is starting and nothing makes me happier than wearing a small purse instead of my backpack. I have a tendency to shove all sorts of things for winter into my backpack, especially when I need a place to put my gloves, hat, and scarf when I'm inside. For the summer I try my best to pair down to the bare minimum, which leads me to today's post: everyday essentials. I'm sharing the things I fit in my little bag that help me get through the out-and-about-all-day kind of days.

Baggu Bags - From the leather, Made in the US crossbody bag, to the foldable tote in its own carrying case, Baggu has me covered for little bag season. I try to always carry a tote because I really do not like getting plastic grocery bags. It's large enough to carry a lot of groceries and not crush things. 

Blue Avocado Reusable Produce Bags - I have three varying sizes of these mesh bags and they all roll up to fit into my Baggu crossbody. If you are trying to cut down on your plastic consumption, this is definitely the way to go. I don't always remember them, but when I do I am ecstatic that they can fit a bunch of kale, mushroom, and whatever else I might find in the produce aisle. (These seem to be possibly discontinued, but just search "reusable produce bags" and there are lots of options.)

Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters - ALWAYS in my bag. If I eat too much at a restaurant or start feeling gassy or nauseous, these bitters are my BFF. The fact that they come in a spritz make them that much more magical. I also like that I can buy a bigger container of bitters and then just refill the spritzer when it runs low. P.S. Bitters are just like they sound, bitter herbs steeped in alcohol (but they come in cider vinegar now!) which aid in digestion. 

Cocokind MyMatcha stick - A necessity from my dry hands to my dry lips (working on that inner hydration, but not quite there!). It has the best smell of any balm I've ever used. P.S. You can now find these sticks at Whole Foods in the New York area and in Louisiana!

Cocokind Raspberry Vinegar toner - Just made up this little glass spritzer with my new favorite toner this weekend, but it will be a mainstay come summer. I'm definitely a sweater (sweat-er?) and I'd like to avoid the sweat acne I inevitably get around my hairline during summer. 

Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint - Apparently this is now discontinued (sorry! Try the Multistick!), but Bite makes my favorite lipsticks and tints with natural and organic ingredients, meaning when you inevitably eat your lipstick (as we all do consciously or not), you aren't ingesting harmful chemicals. I use my lip tint similar to the Multistick on my lips and cheeks if I forget to put blush on in the morning.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy - Another good spritz! This one is a combination of flower essences that aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety. New York City is full of stress, from missing the bus to being in a crowded train, and this little bottle helps your body deal with it. Delve into more information on the Bach Flower Remedies website. 

Handmade Salve - I made this salve with calendula-infused apricot kernel oil and rose geranium essential oil a while ago. It's a do-it-all salve from dry hands to elbows to hair ends. 

Foldover elastic hair ties - If it's not on my wrist, then it's in my bag. My former roommate, Sarah, made some for me and I'm eternally grateful for the introduction. I can't use any other tie now!

Teaonic glass bottle - Love My Liver tea is delicious and a great herbal flush to aid one of the hardest working organs, but it also is a tiny reusable bottle that I like to fill with homemade kombucha or tea. AND it just so happens to fit into my Baggu. Magic!


What's in your little bag? Any reusable items I should know about? Share in the comments below or tag me @lisammagee! 

Putting Those Gift Cards to Good Use

Happy New Year! Ready to move into 2017? Me neither! I've been reflecting on this past year and, in particular, the amazing shops and teachers I've come across in 2016. I always get gift cards and cash for Christmas, and once what I need is bought, I like to spend a little on things I have wanted for a while. Consider this list of favorites the gift guide I meant to write before the holidays!


Mother Mountain Herbals - Stina Swesey's beautifully packaged teas, skincare, and tinctures would make anyone happy. She uses a lot of foraged ingredients which I think make her products even more special.

Wooden Spoon Herbs - Lauren's elderberry sumac syrups is one of the most amazing things I've ever tasted and it will help keep you from getting the cold your office is passing around. Another favorite is the Bless Your Heart Tea which strengthens (actually physically and emotionally) the heart, and who couldn't use that right now?

Ginger Tonic Botanicals - I first heard Lindsay Kluge on the Being Boss podcast and immediately fell in love with her philosophy. I recently tried her Daily Nourish Tea thanks to an Instagram contest and it is wonderful. Also, Richmond friends, she's a local herbal practitioner. Why not get a consult?


Marble & Milkweed - Briar's beautiful, handmade skincare line is completely inspiring. Not to mention she's a proactive activist which makes me love her more. 

Apoterra - One of my facialist's favorite skincare lines, I love that Apoterra is handcrafted in NYC and infused with tons of florals. 

Cocokind - As a brand ambassador for Cocokind, it's basically my duty to tell you about this company, but more than a duty, I LOVE this organic, great-for-sensitive-skin line from a women run business. I am so proud to represent this line and the lifestyle founder Priscilla Tsai is promoting through Cocokind. My faves? The rosewater toner and matcha face moisturizer!

S.W. Basics - I cannot say how much of an effect S.W. Basics and founder Adina Grigore's book Skin Cleanse had on my understanding of what goes in and on my body. The S.W. Basics line consists of five or less, organic ingredients that really work! Adina also has another book, Just the Essentials, all about essential oils coming out soon which I am really looking forward to!


IMBY - Sara, a friend of my sister's and Tulane grad, created IMBY for those seeking pieces "Made in the USA under safe working conditions by workers paid fair wages with American-crafted, ethically sourced, and even deadstock/surplus fabrics that otherwise would have been destined for the landfill." I love the selection of pieces and look forward to ordering some new basics this year!


One Part Plant - If you aren't listening to Jessica Murnane's One Part Podcast, you should be! I'm super excited for her first cookbook, One Part Plant, to come out early this year! One Part Plant is all about incorporating plant-based meals into your weekly routine in an easy way. Pre-order the cookbook here.

YUMuniverse - I really enjoyed reading through this cookbook from Heather Crosby. She has a very thorough knowledge of how to transition your diet to a more plant-centered way of eating. The best part is Heather's expansive website dedicated to creating a community around the plant-based lifestyle. 


I've been able to meet some amazing teachers this year and I encourage you to explore their sites, blogs, and how you could work with them:

Jessa Blades (and find her picks for natural beauty products here)

Melanie Herring

Erin Telford

Lacy Phillips of Free + Native

Morgan Yakus

Erin Stutland (I highly recommend her Soul Stroll audio!)

Claire Ragozzino of Vidya Living

Happy 2017, everyone! Looking forward to growing this blog with you over the next year!